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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

Time:4:01 am.
I understand what you said about movies because they are in essence an interpretation of real life put into a palatable package that has a beginning middle and end and gives you the moral to the story that is often hard to decipher in real life. I would encourage you to make your own movie the real thing is the best kind. Just sit in one place and pretend you hear the score playing in the background. Focus on a small insignificant happening, watch it with awe and let it be the only thing that matters to you in the whole world. Then combine that with your own understanding of the world some abstract thought that allows you to build a story around this seemingly small event. Put some music around it and there you are. That is one heck of a song (that is theoretically), just one artist’s opinion. –TAYLOR

Ok. Who did Taylor pay to hack into his hanson.net username and make him look smart. Taylor, by using the word arduous in MOE we realized you had a brain, or editor but this? Ok, you so ruined it, because we're not that brainless. Pfft. What are they paying hanson.net hackers these days anyways, I can make Taylor sound smart though most of us can I'm being mean to my stick right Alicia But I can rest with the fact I maybe made Liz and or Mel smile ;]

OK, enough updates today.
Enough Hanson updates.
I'm avoiding a paper.
Yes, at 4:04 am.
I am an idiot.
Where the fuck is Taylor's editor to write me some shit about Locke and Smith?
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Saturday, November 20th, 2004

Time:11:23 am.
Dear Hanson,
Please come back to the U.S. We miss you. If you come, I'll bake you peanut butter cookies. And theres nothing better than peanut butter cookies, except maybe Zacs new haircut.
The Official Hanson Hotline Girl.
'You Again?'
*snapsnap* Its Priscilla, right, like Presley?

I banged Alicia AGAIN last NIGHT! And Pfft. Let me tell you *shakes finger*

Now, if your a moron, or didn't see my last entry, let me remind you none of you get this and its ok. and im straight. and a virgin. so. yeah. clearing that up.

LichLich, I know I keep forgeting but your package will be sent this week, I love you baby boo ;* Have fun in Cali ;]
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Friday, August 20th, 2004

Time:8:58 pm.
Hanson tattoo = OWIE
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Thursday, July 15th, 2004

Subject:New York Number One.
Time:5:01 pm.
I think for now the deleware and I Lov the 90's reviews are going to have to be put to the side, because NY kicked their ass last night. Holy mother of God.

New York 07/14/04

On Monday night I had met p with Lena and Kristen, the girls I met at the Hanson show in Hartford in March. So we exchanged numbers and discussed waiting on line for irvin together and MAYBE saying overnight... not that my parents would ever ever ever let me. But whatever we talked about it and I called them on Tuesday to see how the line was forming because they live in the city and were going to be checking up on it... therefore at 4 I called them and they had decided on staying the night. Crazy. So I thought about it, and I have always wanted to be a 'camper' at a show. People have been doing it for years, not just for Hanson and I just felt like it was a step up in my devotion, and front row tastes so gooood.

I sat down and explained to my mother that in a few weeks we I have to change my life by going to college... change it to the point tha I will have to live a hundred and fifty percent seriously and right now I have the time to take life not as seriously and do crazy things that I'll never have the chance to do again. She looked at me weirdly and told me to go. Dad was another story but after telling him it wasnt going to rain and I was with other girls, he gave in and I left for the 6:02 train to Grand Central.

I took a cab to Irving and met up with my friends, I was 6th online. The girls I met on that line are the sweetest ever, I met a girl named Nichole, Becky, Tahnie, Michelle, great girls... it was like one big sleepover, just colder, less safe, and a long walk to a bathroom. I only had one blanket and a sweatshirt with me so sleeping was rough, not to mention the 500 people who stopped to ask who we were waiting for, some mean some nice, we even took a tally, 265 people stopped to talk to us, isnt that amazing?

As for being safe, well it was fine til the drunks and drug dealers started stopping by, but if you laughed off their horrible renditions of MMMBop and offers of the best fucking fucing best weed ever, it was OK.

It was dirty and cold and gross and worth every second of standing in front of Taylor and having hm connect on a stage to audeince level once the show hit. But I'm not there yet!

Basically we just waited all morning and the line started getting longer, ot worried for Liz and jefsie because the girls I were around wouldnt let a soul more come join the line, and I felt awful but didnt have a say in the matter being I was 6 and in front of almost 20 girls who had also stayed the night.

Hanson showed up at around 4:30 and it was the saddest thing ever watching them walk though the strets of the city they live in on their way to the venue and be mobbed. It was not 2004 fans, it was 1997 all over. Girls were racing to them, screaming flashing pics in thier faces, Poor Taylor was touched in places I dont think Natalie has found yet. It was disgusting.

Zac shruged it off as some girl yelled 'Zac! Your all I live for!" and said back to her "I'm all you live for?!' in a funny voice smiling, Taylor was another story... he was being mobbed the most, almost knocked over rambline 'Guys, I gotta get thorugh... Can I please just get through? ... Has Zac gone in? Is he ok? ... Listen I have to et thorugh... CAN I FUCKING GET THROUGH?' It was depressing he had to resort to it, but I don't blame it, they deserved it, and being ithin 10 feet I felt guilty jus being there.

Standing up on line wasnt so bad until it started to pour and by that time I had seen Liz and Jefsie [yay!] and they had a fairly decent place on line, and Jess had even showed up and I saw her [mwah!] and in the rain waited another 2 hours. While I was waiting a short petite woman whose always with Hanson came out to smoke a cigarette and asked me how long we were waiting, I told her and she was pretty surprised, I then realized I had this golden oppurtunity to make myself known and I did, I told her I kept seeing her all over and asked her name and she tld me it was Amy, and then I went on to ask wha she did for the band and she works for management, it was then theat I got into what I wanna do in college and she gave me advice and said in a slick tone thet BANDS are ALWAYS looking for INTERNS or ANY FREE HELP as long as its taken serously, and then winked at me. Good sigh my friends, good sign. She told me to say hi to her at my other shows and make sure I see her. YES! Lol. This is how we do :)

So finally they let us in and the 10 girls from the line stook together and TOGETHER got the front row. I was driectly in front of Taylor, my goal. My 30 hour sleeping on the streets of NY goal.

Words can not describe the front row. Its this euporic place where the artists and you are one, and they play off our energy and you play off theirs. Taylor thought we were crazy we were dancing and singing so much and so loudy, at one point he said 'This is a GOOD show' *plays piano opening stops* 'This is a DAMNNN good show!!!' He thought Nichole, Michelle and were hysterical in songs like 'Look at You' 'Wheres the Love?' 'Gimme Some Lovin'" But the best was "Lost without each other' he could not blieve how into it we were. We were SO INTO it. He would have stayed on stagge all night, but there was a 11:30 curfew. I wish I could say more about Ike and Zac but being Taylors muse for the night was great in itself. The worst was when he went to shake my hand specefically and he leaned forward and our hands bumped instead of shaking and he was leaning towards us so he began to lose his balance and grabbed tighter to my hand *swoon* and I tried to help him stay up but he fell right in front of me, I htought he thought I did it purposly but he smiled back and knew I didnt. I didnt even grab his hand I was scared he'd fall, lol.

We waited afterards for them and after 2 hours got a wave from Ike before he headed into a cab. A wave from Zac before him Frankie Muniz [his bitch] and Kate went into the tour bus and a hello... blah blah blah from Taylor as him, Natalie, Ezra, and Avery left the venue into a cab.

Note Ezra in a Ramones shirt carrying a mini guitar is the cutest thing ever and seeing Natalie in person makes me sickly jealous. Theend.

The show was fabulous and I have tomorrow night, and we just added Indianappolia to the tour... we're craz but this is the funnest thing I have ever one.

Reember Deleware/I <3 thw 90's Reviews coming SOON!
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Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Time:1:56 pm.
I know Ive been MIA for some time now, I guess thats what happens when you follow Hanson from city to city to city. With random 2 hour pitstops at home, if thats even possible. I guess I have to go way back to Philly, lol. So they might not be as full as usual but here goes:

Philadelphia 07/10/04

So I met Jess and Erika at about oh I have no idea actually, but we began what would soon be known as the best road trip ever. The first thing I said when I got in the car was 'You guys have your tickets?' And they reassured me that that was the first thing they checked for when they left for the show. So we drove on, and stopped at a rest stop when we pulled out the blue car chalk and drew all over the car. Jess' window said "We <3 Hanson' and behind her the empty seat had a Hanson sigh and said 'Jess' My window had a Hanson sign and said 'Prisci-la' lol, it didnt really fit. And Erikas window said 'MMMBOP!' and her name.
The back window said 'HANSON TOUR '04' it looked awesome, I have pictures.

We get to Philly and it takes forever to try and find parking, as usual in true Hanson road trip tradition. But we found some and walked to our hotel the amazing Travel Lodge. Now, words can not decribe our room. Small mgiht. But the teddy bear pictures, lamps, and curtains would make you think Jess told them we were tehre for Hanson, because we got like the kids suite, it had a childrens hospital vibe. Yuck. We leaughed it off and looked forward to Hanson, and tehn realized oh, Jess and Erikas tickets are MIA. We had thought we lost them at the rest stop but weren't sure. I ransacked Jess' purse NO COMMENT. And then Erika and I went out the car to look.

As I begin to look I get a call from my mom that we won special tickets to see Hanson perform at VH1's I love the 90's. Which was last night :) I'll get to that later. But I was so excited I began to pace back and forth and FREAK out. Lost track of the ticket search. We never found them, they bought new ones and it sucked :/ When we went back to the room I told Jess I won and she threw the hair dryer into the sink, almost killing herself. AGAIN.

We left at I still have no idea what time for the concert. And I met Liz and Jefsie online.... then Jess and Erika left to get food, but I wanted to wait for doors, so I could get a prime spot.

When they let us in, I got my camera in, so I could use it afterwards by placing it between my boobs Nice one, very very nice. Anyways they toook my sharpie :/ which sucked casue later Zac couldn't sign for me, cause I didnt have one! :/ So, we went in and went to the Merch booth wnere I got a hoodie and then hit the floor.

The Philly crowd in the beginning was the worst ever. So much pushing and smoking and it was horrible. Eventually Liz and Jefsie backed out after the opening acts, but Ive never given up my GA sopt and I couldnt see myself doing it, so I hung in there and let me tell you 124% worth it. They looked and sounded amazing- it was a great show. Best in a while, tied with DC but the concert vibe and everything was so there. Not to metnion Taylor looked beyond his normal hotness, Man, he looked good that night. I'm taking the setlist from Liz, because it was so long ago, lol.

Set ListCollapse )

So after the show, I wanted to wait around and poor Jess and Erika waited for me for like 3 hours... It started with us behind a fence and as people dropped out I got closer, Taylor came onto the bus and said he'd be back later, basically promised us he'd be back... so eventually Zac came out and I shook his hand and took mucho pics of him, and later Isaac followed and he was an ASS! So mean! I got his autograph but he was not nice about it almost disappointing. Anyways, so the bus starts and theey begin to get ready to pull away and we think taylor lied to us, when he gets off the bus and runs inside. When he comes back out girls on the other side of the bus stole him and he was taking pics and signing stuff and all of a sudden Natalie looks out the window looks at her watch and is like freaking out, lol. It was hysterical. I almost died, but some important guy goes to Taylor and basically grabs him by the arm to come on, they get to the bus door and Taylor says, 'wait, i have to say hi to them, I promised...' and the guy is like 'we're behind or something' and Taylor pulled away and came over told us he couldnt sign or take pics but wanted to shake some hands thank us and say hi. It was typical Taylor <3.

After this we went back to the hotel, and there were no vending machines, not having ate anything but bagel all day I wanted to die. So, we all get ready for bed and as we're laying down you hear 'RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP' Erika pants split, and it was the funniest shit ever. EVER.

One more comment: 'BOB!? Are these OK?'

LMFAO. I love you Jess.

Deleware tomorrow, well review I mean,
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Friday, July 9th, 2004

Subject:Good times in the Lumina.
Time:1:29 pm.
I'd like to say I'm going to make this short but sweet, but that never, ever happens so I'm going to do my review in true Priscilla tradtion, ladies and gentleman, please be seated. :)

Washington DC 07/08/04

So, Jess made it over to Newburgh eariler than I thought so the poor thing had to wait in the car for about 10 minutes, but it was hot as a bitch, so I felt bad... We hit the road about 12:45 and expected a 4 and a half to five hour drive.  Pfft.  First we kinda got lost at the Hersey Garden State Plaza and ended up at BJ's where we decided on a bathroom break thus resulting in negative 10 minutes, ok fine.  So, we venture forth and decide we want pizza so we stop at a rest stop where a convienent sign informs us of a 118 mile trip to DC thats remaining... the ride up wasn't bad, though it was long, and kinda hot we had the company of each other as we talked about the forthcoming show and of course the air condition which is always a convienent mood lifter.

We got to DC around 5:30 6 ish and because its was designed by some stupid fuckhead none of the streets make sense, some are written as words, like FIRST ST and some are numbers 1st street and these are different things...?  Then you have numbers with no pluralization, and letter that sometimes dont go in order, its a damn good thing I know the alphabet backwards, yes, it is.

So it took about 2 hours to find a parking garage.... 'Jess, your, um going to hit the curb' *BUDUBUB' 'Huh?' *Laugh*  'Jess, you have to take this right.... this is our right.... um, see the right, thats where we're going' 'Huh?' *Swerve to the right* ...  'Do you like my 72 point turn?' 'Yes' Good times in the Lumina... :)

So we find a parking garage at this saintly hotel where seriously, I will never ever stay at a place like it, it must have been a 10 star hotel, because WHOA. Number one it reeked of old lady and secondly, it was gorgeous.  We took another bathroom break and went to the hotel store, and the moment we heard someone on the grand piano, we jumped lol. One track mind, let me tell you *shakes finger* :)

We went over to the venue and like... it had started already it was only 7 and the openiong act was onstage....  so we went insdie, bought some merch, I spent 170 bucks in a matter of moments, who does that? *glare*  I do, I just.... do. Jess laughed at me, ha. She did she did. I was basically like, one of everything lol. And it was then I noticed Kate and Jessica- Taylors sister were wearing the exact smae outfit, and like not a Hanson shirt or something like an arranged outfit, a yellow sweater witha green tank top under it... maybe its a new bonding thing.... I'm yet to figure that one out.... Then they gave me the wrong poster so I had to bring it out and Kate switched it for me, I've come to realize I am pro-Kate, she was a sweetheart but man her southern accent is thick ,lol. Thats how those Hanson boys like it I guess....

Michael Tolcher was ok. Maria Mena had one good song, 'Sorry' the others bit my ass, sorry opinion... Jess drank one drink and was kinda buzzed or mabe wasted either way she started looking like she was beginning to enjoy herself... .It only took til 9:30 for them to come on, and seeing them was like a fresh breath of air... just... wow. I love when they first take to the stage it takes away all of my personal agressions and struggles in moments, like the perfecct antidote. Wow. Just, wow.

They opened with 'In the City' and I thought in this moment my heart was going to stop beating and I was going to die of Hanson OD. But I survived and took that song in live for the first time since Poughkeepsie 2000 and it was good. They played, I htink... 'A Minute without You' next because Jess was happy about this one, I do like it, but if they had to play 'AMWY' or 'Madeline' my choice would have been 'Madeline'

The next song, 'Dancin in the Wind' is the reason why certain men should never get nmarried, its unjust to those of us who can not have him. Ahem, Taylor + red electric guitar = very very very bad thoughts that remind me of being 13 and going through puberty theend.

But no, Jess and I have yet to get over the guitar, this one might actually take unitl next April, or later.. Im assuming. Mmhmm, I suppose its set list time, they played like an almost 2 hour set I think, here goes, its a long and amazing one, truly a Hanson setlist never to be beaten. I'll put it in a cut so I don't spoil anything

The Set ListCollapse )

Highlights of this fantabulous setlist. Well, Man from Milwaukee and Look at You speak for themselves, being these songs are never played, EVER.
In the beginning of 'Hand in Hand' Tay tried to get us to do the arms sway from right to left thing and it died quick, so he was like 'You guys gotta keep doing this fro like 2 more hours!' and he continues, 'Its good for your biceps - look!" *insert Taylor flexing in sleeveless black shrit here* FUCKING TEASE!
Taylor wore tight jeans, and we were on the left therefore perfect view, oh it was nice....

After the show, which by the way was fucking amazing. We walked back to the cool hotel and got to the Lumina. We then went to a gas station to fill up and upon seeing the one we got to erfused tio take credit cards I told Jess to pull up to the next, just so she could use the credit card part of it, I stayed out of the car and she turned it on, and I look and I see the gas nizzle STILL IN THE CAR. So I freak out no words just motions and shes like, 'wtf? are you ok?' and I freaked out, I htought she was going to die or soemthing, lol. It was hysterical. It was one of those things you just have to laugh and laugh and laugh about because really theres nothing else to do.

So, the guy gives us directions and we take then and they lead us 2 hours out of our way, putting us back at the Warner Theater at 1 am, as apposed to leaving at 11:15. Nice.

I got home at 7 and honestly am going to die while at work.

We have agreed that the whole sayig the same thing at the same time thing is only going to get worse on this tour, lol. But for the first time in my life, I feel infinate as though nothing can change how great this all feels and I could just soar with my happiness.

I'll see you guys at the show[s].
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Tuesday, July 6th, 2004

Time:7:33 pm.
I'm sitting here with Moe 12 in hand. Crying. My eyes out. Trying to explan to myself the euphoria that is Hanson. Trying to conveive in my thoughts a reason to why I am covered head to toe in chills, in emotion. Seeing no dirivitive from the beginning and no end to be explored. I sit here a 17 year old, unsure of anything but what I want to do with my life career wise. And as I hold the last issue of Hansons fan club magazine to ever exist I see that they have grown more than I have in the last 7 years. I am also reminded of my summer, and what I will be doing in 2 days. How its gonna knock me over like a ton of bricks to see them live, and electric. And to know, that even though life sucks, and things go bad, and that stress is all around me, when I listen to Hanson - its ok. These pages, illuminated by the light over my shoulder seem endless by my imagination. I see the words, and know the story. And I know that every time I do this, surround myself with them, I remove myself from soceity and enter a place inside me. Where Hanson inside jokes exist and people use song titles in common conversation. 'The Music Lives' is a religion, and 'MMMBop' is that song they play when your on the elevator or waiting for the operator to come on. I'm no longer tainted by the words of those that dont understand because it is beyond their knowledge and comprehension of what this band means to me. In these articles of songwriting and 4 years work, I find a landmark for each one, wondering what I was doing in those moments they were in the studio, or handwriting these lyrics that help me breathe. People can laugh at me for it, call me crazy if you will... and you will. But nothing will ever mean as much to me than these three performers and everything they have given me, things that don't materially exist, emotions that some people have never been fortunate enough to experience. My fandom has stayed true with no digression and the fire that has ben lit in my soul has continued to burn bright with the addition of each new song, quote, and especially performace. Go ahead ask me why I spent over 1500 on them this year alone. Because they are my inspiration. my guiding force behind living... because they stopped me from making mistakes that have kept me alive. because without them I exist with no emotion lost in a world where no one really understands me, and with out those songs that somehow have made me everything I am today.
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Sunday, June 1st, 2003

Subject:friends only
Time:10:06 pm.

♥ comment to be added ♥
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